5 ways to spoil your mothers on Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day from OonaghKdesigns - Pebbleart

As a mom of a lovely little 6 week old girl and an energetic 3 year old I'm delighted to say I'm being spoilt today with handmade cards, a lie in (even though all mothers were robbed of that extra hour! :) and a lovely brunch served up to me!

Happy Mother's day to all those mothers out there who are hopefully getting equally spoilt!

5 ways to spoil your mom on Mothers day:

  1. Let  your mom have a lie in (hopefully you've already done this :)
  2. Treat her like a princess and let her relax and keep her feet up. Make the bed, serve up the meals and clean up after.
  3. Make mom a handmade card and include 5 things you love about her!
  4. Ask her if she would like anything special done or any chore she has been putting off.
  5. Go for a walk, weather permitting, feed the ducks or just go for a hot chocolate - all lovely things to do.

I'm doing well so far and just heading for hot chocolate now with my family :)

Oonagh K


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